Meet Jade

I have been OBSESSED with PMU since i started in 2015 and have learnt alot. My passion is eyebrows, closely followed by Lips and Eyeliners. I have worked full time from about 6 months post training and have a 6+ Month waitlist at all times. I have failed and learnt, trained and practised continually until I have found the formula that works for me but also for any skin type and client out there. There is nothing that phases me on a day to day basis and nothing i find difficult to do. It has taken years but all the advise and webinars and training courses were nowhere near as advanced and informative as they are today. I want to give back to the PMU industry and the new starters or artists who have lost their confidence or who simply need a 'Brow Boost'.

An Ombrè Powder Brow and Hairstroke Brow webinar is a rarity and I want to take you on a learning journey with me.

The course cost is 1 client, but you will learn skills to make so much revenue from the knowledge you will gain.

My motto is 'a person who knows everything, knows nothing' and 'a true master never stops learning'.

I always feel so pumped after a training couse and the beauty of this is that it is lifetime access and you can learn at your own pace with me.

I also want to offer support to you with you clients after the course via a support group.

Learn how to perfectly map in 15-minutes with my simple technique

I'll show you how to create gorgeous ombre results with no skin trauma

So scared of hairstrokes that you shy away from them? Let me help you to fall back in love with hairstrokes

Boost Your PM Skills

Throughout this course I'll cover two full treatments - soft ombre and realism hairstroke brows. Showing both left and right eyebrows techniques.

I'll show you how to create gorgeous results with no trauma/pain free techniques whilst covering all of these mentioned issues

My go to Monica Ivani pigments and top colour choice tips

Easy draing practice techniques to fast track your skills and create muscle memory within your hands

My tools of choice & more...

BONUS Zoom Call

Included in this course is a BONUS 30-minute Zoom call with me after you have completed the course to discuss what you have learnt, how you have been getting on with your clients and cover any final questions and tweaks to your personal technique we can make to get your creating the best brows possible!

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